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Business Immigration/Visa  Options

Have questions? Please fill in the contact information below.

Have questions, please fill in the contact information below.

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Do you have an "extraordinary ability"? Perhaps, you are a professional horseback rider, or a soccer player. Perhaps, you are a researcher, or perform in the arts, like a dancer, actor, or a host. This option may allow you and your family to receive their permanent residency, or "green card."


Do you have "exceptional ability," or someone who has an "advanced degree"? This option may be perfect for you if you have a prospective employer who is interested in you joining there company.




Are you able to invest at least $500,000 in a business in the United States? If you are able to make a significant investment and plan to create or preserve 10 full time jobs, then this option might be the perfect fit for you.


Are you a foreign trader or investor? Does a company want to hire you because of your skills? If your goal is to come to the United States and legally work, there may be options for you to enter the United States as a "temporary worker". 

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